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The Cauldron

"The Cauldron", London, is described as "an immersive and interactive potions class",  in which guests get to become a wizard, and using the magic wand provided, create magical and mystical cocktails and potions. 


I worked on the 2nd pop up of The Cauldron as a constructor/set decorator and also worked on the current 3rd variation of the bar as a prop designer/maker 

In The Cauldron V2, I worked construction on the bar, seating, including tables and benches, and also the interactive magic boxes on the tables.


In The Cauldron V3, I was designing and making the new interactive boxes, which used a variety of techniques including digital design, laser cutting, 3d printing, woodworking, and electronics. I also working once again on the installation and set dressing of the bar. 

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